Pay My Balance

This page is for customers who have already placed an order and need to pay their remaining balance. You should have received an email directing you to this page with your remaining balance. 

First and Last name of person's balance being paid.
Phone Number
Email for receipt confirmation.
I am paying the balance on a...
If you are apart of a wedding party please put bride's last name... Otherwise put "NA"
PAYMENT INFORMATION: All information is erased once a payment has been processed.
Payment Method
Card Number
Expiration (MM/YY)
Security Code (Located on back of Card)
What would you like to pay today?
If "Other" how much are you wanting to pay today? Please note that if balance is not paid in a full an finance fee may be applied to remaining amount.
Terms and Conditions (See Below)
I agree

ALL sales are final. 

Balance must be paid in full by due date or finance charges will apply. 

All terms and conditions from initial order still apply.

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