Avoid Buying Counterfeit Gowns

A week does not go by in which we have someone come in with a "horror" story of the gown that hasn't arrived and their event is in a couple days, or it came in and it is NOT what they thought they ordered.

What is happening in the formal industry is fly by night companies are copying pictures off the original designers websites and claiming they are selling an original designer gown at a fraction of the cost.  If the price is too good to be true, trust your local retailer, it is.  The designers set a standard on prices that retailers are in a contract to abide by or they loose their access to purchase the line.

Please click on the link below if you are considering ordering on line!  It is not worth it...even if you don't purchase from us, do not purchase on line.

Remember, they always show you the "real" dress that they've copied from pictures on line.  The send you the "fake."

All of us from the finest designers to local formal wear store owners are working together to shut all these companies down before they can ruin another once in a lifetime event, especially yours!!

Click on either picture to take you to the proof of the world wide shut down of these websites.  Don't let them get your money and you don't have the dress you want for your lifetime event.  It's not worth it!!

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